Our Story

  –Helping as many people as possible feel good and function well–


About Us

BearHugUK provides advice, strategies, information and reviews that empower people to make a positive difference to their own wellbeing.

Where did BearHugUK come from?

While sitting down together, playing with ideas and sharing dreams, I came up with a plan to develop an app. My first idea was in the area of finance. Working in the finance sector within IT, this seemed like a logical choice for me. Within 24 hours, my better half had convinced me of another calling. Working in children’s mental health and wellbeing herself, she suggested we should work together, combining my technical skills and her wellbeing knowledge, to create an app and website centred on wellbeing.

Sat in our pyjamas drinking hot chocolate, us two dreamers toyed around with different names. Looking down at my pyjama top, I saw a picture of a bear, giving a hug, and thus, BearHugUK was born. A bear hug itself is friendly, warm and comforting, just like the content of this site aims to be.